Urushi Artist       漆藝家

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      yoshiaki taguchi Urushi restorer and Artist

1958   Born as the eldest son of Yoshikuni Taguchi in Tokyo.    
1985   Work accepted at the 32nd Japanese Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition. yoshikuni          
89   The 6th Japan Traditional Lacquer Work Exhibition,
received Cultural Affairs Award from The Director of The Agency.
90   Team member for construction of Emperor's Throne.   
 93   The 40th and 44th Japanese Traditional Art and Crafts Exhibitions,
received Japan Craft Association Encouragement Award.
 96   The 43rd Japanese Traditional Arts and Crafts Exhibition, received the Governor of Tokyo Award. Participated in Contemporary Japanese Lacquerware Exhibition ,Japan Society Gallery(New York),
Colorado Museum(Denver)
 97   Conservation of National Treasure Ume-Maki-e-Tebako. 
2000   The 8th Beauty of Lacquer Exhibition, received the Director of Japan Lacquer Wares Association Award.  
01   Harmony by Nine Exhibition, Mitsukoshi,Nihonbashi.  
02   Received Grand Prize, The 13th MOA Mokichi Okada Exhibision Award.  
    The 10th Beauty of Lacquer Exhibition, received prize of minister of Education and Chemistry, Meiji Jingu Art Museum.
  The 50th Japanese Traditional Art and Craft Exhibition “Waza-no- bi ”    
 04   Urushi arts-Harmony by Nine Exhibition,Korea  
 06   Harmony by Nine Exhibition, Beijin  
 07   ThePower of Crafts-Outlook for the 21st CentryExhibision, National Museum of Modern Art.  
 08   Presented with Purple Ribbon Medal.   
    The 16th Beauty of Lacquer Exhibition, received the Minister of Agriculture,Forestry and Fishevies Award,  Meiji Jingu Art Museum.   
09   Special Exhibition sei, Ise Jingu Art Museum.  
 10   Special Exhibition hikari, Ise Jingu Art Museum.  
    Special Exhibition  The 50th Traditional Arts and Crafts of East Japan Exhibition. The MOA Art of Museum.  
 12   Celebratory "Vessels"Exhibition,The National Museum of Art.   
 13   The 60th Japanese Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition.   
    Contemporary KŌGEI Styles in Japan, morikami Museum,Miami.  
 14   Beauty of KOGEI Art Crafts in Japan.,Japan Creative Center,Singapore.  
 15   The Kanjitsu Kikuchi Prize, Contemporary Japanese Crafts Exhibition.  
 16   The Museum of Arts & Crafts Itami Exhibition “Chi-mei”.   
    The 1st Geizakai Exhibition,Hiroshima Fukuya.  
 17   Animals from the Museum Collection, The National Museum of Modern Art  
    Urushi-The Beauty of Tradition and Innovation Exhibition- Mishima Taisya Shrine.  
    100 Selection of Hopes next Generation Exhibition,110th Anniversary of Mitsukoshi, nihonbashi.   
    Modern Japanese Lacquer Exhibition, Netherland.   
18   The 25th“Beauty of Lacquer”Exhibition, received the prize of Minister of Education and Chemistry.   
    Lacquer Present 2018 Exhibition,Mitsukoshi,Mitsukoshi.   
    URUSHI Traditional and Innovation Exhibition,Ishikawa prefectural Museum of Art,Seibu Ikebukuro,
MOA Art of Museum 
    Japon-Japonismes Exhibition,Musee des Arts Decoratifs Paris    
    The 2nd Geizakai Exhibition,Hiroshima Fukuya.   
 19   Kogei Exhibition,Kanazawa Yasue Gold Leaf Museum  
20   Decorative Arts in Meiji and Heisei:Crafting Beauty and across 150 years,
Museum of Modern Greek Culture ,Gerrk
    The 3rd Geizakai Exhibition,Hiroshima Fukuya.    
21   Kogei Exhibition ,Iruma city Museum   
    Urushi Exhibition,Tohoku University of ART & DESIGN   
 22   Special Exhibition,Kanazawa Yasue Gold Leaf Museum  
 23   The 30th Beauty of Lacquer Exhibition, received the Minister of Agriculture,Forestry and Fishevies Award.  
    POKÉMON×KOGEI Exhibition ,National Craft Museum,JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles  

   Regular member of Japan Kôgei Association